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2-in-1 Remove Makeup & Cleanser

4.2oz (120g). Made in Japan


Made in Japan, Richita Bihaku 3D Highlighting CLEANSING FACE WASH is made from safe and effective ingredients including Periodo Extract, indigo water extract from Tada Indigo of herbs, organic digestible extract from prunes, Thai Extract from Petrel variety apple, extract from bitter pomegranate seeds of Sawzuk ginger species, Lactobacillus lotus seeds - plus select Japanese equine placenta extract, melanin pigment and many natural herbal compounds. Ritchita Bihaku 3D Highlighting CLEANSING FACE WASH helps remove rough ingredients and dirt, also contains the pigment melanin in the skin.


Ritchita Bihaku 3D Highlighting CLEANSING FACE WASH active ingredients also include Glycyrhetinate to prevent acne and rough skin, Bentonit to absorb and clean the dirt down to the pores, creating a soft, clean, and healthy skin.


Richita Bihaku CLEANSING FACE WASH with all natural, safe and effective ingredients has the following benefits:

  • Làm sạch da và trắng da
  • Làm sạch các vết bẩn tận lỗ chân lông
  • Loại bỏ các thành phần thô ráp và bụi bẩn có chứa sắc tố Melanin trong da
  • Ngăn ngừa mụn trứng cá và da bị thô ráp
  • Giúp se khít lỗ chân lông
  • Tạo ra làn da sạch, mềm mịn và khỏe mạnh


Sản phẩm của Richita Bihaku phù hợp với mọi loại da cho cả Nam và Nữ


Chưa bao gồm Thuế
  • Apply an appropriate amount to the palm of your hand and add water to create a foam. Apply cleansing foam to the entire face.


    Massage your face with foam gently. Rinse off with warm water.

    Storage and Handling Notes:

         (1) Make sure to close the lid tightly

         (2) Keep out of reach of children

         (3) Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, or places exposed to direct sun.