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Hãy cùng khám phá Quy trình sản xuất Collagen Peptide Supplement đến từ thương hiệu Richita trong nhà máy tại Nhật Bản

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Giai đoạn 1 - Làm sạch và diệt khuẩn

Every new factory-manufactured bottle intended for our RICHITA COLLAGEN PEPTIDE SUPPLEMENT must undergo a thorough production-line inspection. This inspection starts by running each bottle through our rigid quality control mechanism. Then the bottles are cleaned and sterilized according to the highest quality standards. 

After the above process, the empty bottles are thoroughly dried and sent to the production area to be filled with RICHITA COLLAGEN PEPTIDE SUPPLEMENT.

Giai đoạn 2 - Cho nước Collagen Peptide vào chai

RICHITA COLLAGEN PEPTIDE SUPPLEMENT is precisely measured into the bottles, ensuring a specific volume of 50ml.

Giai đoạn 3 - Tự động đóng nắp

When the filled bottles reach the conveyor line, the fully automated mechanism will close the lid on each bottle.

Giai đoạn 4 - Kiểm duyệt chất lượng

Each bottle of RICHITA COLLAGEN PEPTIDE SUPPLEMENT goes through an automatic quality-assurance line, using laser light to strictly regulate the quality and accurate volume of each bottle. All products that do not meet our high standards will be automatically rejected.

Giai đoạn 5 - Dán nhãn sản phẩm

The RICHITA COLLAGEN PEPTIDE SUPPLEMENT will then be labeled in the production line by automated machinery systems.

Giai đoạn 6 - Đóng gói

A single box of RICHITA COLLAGEN PEPTIDE SUPPLEMENT will have ten bottles, with a volume of 50ml each.

Giai đoạn 7 - Kiểm tra hoàn tất sản phẩm

Each box of RICHITA COLLAGEN PEPTIDE SUPPLEMENT will undergo final inspection through a scanner before being distributed to customers.

Giai đoạn 8 - Đóng gói 3 hộp thành kiện hàng

To ensure convenient, safe transportation, the production line will automatically pack three boxes of RICHITA COLLAGEN PEPTIDE SUPPLEMENT into one larger container. 

Giai đoạn 9 – Thêm package bảo vệ

Continuing the process, the three-box (30-bottle) container of RICHITA COLLAGEN PEPTIDE SUPPLEMENT will be placed in an even larger container to protect the outside, helping to prevent breakage and ensuring complete product quality during shipment to the US.

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