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Let's explore the Natural Skincare Products production departments of Richita Bihaku at our facility in Japan.

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Bacteria Test Department

The first step is a rigorous bacterial testing process. This step is to ensure there are no dangerous substances that could reduce product quality or harm customers' skin or health.

Products Analysis Department 

The quality of our Natural Skincare Products can be directly impacted by their ingredients. Therefore, despite having gone through the process of choosing and testing nutrients before manufacture, Richita continues to analyze all components using specialized machines to ensure detailed and more accurate results.

Quality Assurance Department

Our Quality Assurance department is fully involved in the evaluation of the final products. Consequently, we preserve the high-quality products and enhance or eliminate the low-quality ones.

Prototype Product Testing Department

To attain the highest quality, all of our new Natural Skincare Products go through multiple stages of prototype testing. This is a critical step for Richita to evaluate if the products meet initial efficiency and competitive capabilities. 

New Product Development Department

Once the prototype has been thoroughly tested, our new Product Development Department will proceed with production in accordance with our established process of expedited delivery to our customers.

CEO Thùy-Trang Testing Equine Placenta Extract

The manufacturer of the equine placenta used Richita Bihaku's products has been a pioneer in the integration of the extract into beauty cosmetics since 1964,. Our CEO, Thùy Trang, has personally tested this ingredient on her skin to ensure its effectiveness and, in conjunction with our Product Development Department, has provided a solid evaluation prior to shipment.

Research & Development Department

Our Market Research & Development Department is responsible for analyzing and identifying market needs to enhance the quality of potential products and develop ideas for new Richita products.

Product Filling Department

After passing through rigorous quality checks and receiving approval for market release, the nutrients will undergo the product extraction process before being bottled.
Each jar/bottle/container must comply with capacity and quantity standards, ensuring absolute safety and hygiene.

Product Finishing Department

After packaging, our natural skincare products are then ready for sale. Richita Bihaku's product line is guaranteed to meet the highest levels of safety, quality, and efficacy by rigorous quality testing before being released to the market. When customers choose Richita, our products are guaranteed to meet their expectations.

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