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CEO Nguyen Thuy Trang has finally realized her dream of a superior Japanese skincare brand. After many years of research, she laid the foundation for this dream and produced RICHITA BIHAKU, one of Japan’s leading skincare brands. Let's learn about the dream that developed RICHITA BIHAKU!  

In 2016, CEO Thuy Trang and President Quy Nguyen traveled to Japan for the first time to begin research on this long-term venture.

Richita's success began in 2017 when CEO Thuy Trang and President Quy Nguyen met with Mr. Takuya, owner of Harada Corporation, a leading skincare products manufacturing facility in Japan. 

(The first meeting with Mr. Takuya, the son of the Chairman of the Harada Corporation in 2017.)

They then coordinated with Mr. Takuya to visit the production site and work with Harada’s pharmacists to identify the safest and highest-quality skincare products. The research background of Harada makes it the most productive factory of its kind in Japan. It was established in 1952 and is headquartered in Osaka-SHI-Joto-KU. Their main office is in Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. 

(A visit to the factory to work with pharmacists in Japan.)

In 2018, Richita President Quy Nguyen officially signed an interdependent agreement with the Harada Corporation.  His handshake with Mr. Takuya and Mr. Hiroyuki, CEO confirmed Harada’s serious interest and support the Richita Bihaku brand.

(Richita President Quy Nguyen sealed the agreement with Mr. Takuya, and Mr. Hiroyuki, CEO of the Harada Corporation in 2018)

President Quy Nguyen spent an extensive amount of time researching products with pharmacists before launching the Richita brand in the United States. An in-depth evaluation and testing of each product was conducted by CEO Thuy Trang and her team of professionals.

(President Quy Nguyen continued to work with Mr. Takuya and the pharmacists at the factory.)

In 2019, CEO Thuy Trang  & President Quy Nguyen worked with the product line Manager to develop the factory’s Beautiful Skin Dietary Supplement production process.  

(President Quy Nguyen worked with the Products Line Manager in 2019.)

At each stage of the process the quality is continuously monitored so that production is done in accordance with regulations. All containers of Richita product lines are sealed by robots and go through a rigorous quality control process before packaging.

(Visiting and working with the pharmacist and Products Line Manager to develop the Beautiful Skin Dietary Supplement product.)

(Checking out the manufacturing process of herbal pills for beautiful skin.)

(CEO Nguyen Thuy Trang & Mr. Takuya at the factory in Japan.)

In addition, they maintain relationships with manufacturers by regularly holding meetings to discuss the best preparations for Richita's product line. 

(President Quy Nguyen and CEO, Mr. Hiroyuki)

(CEO Thuy Trang and President Quy Nguyen at the meeting with Mr. Hiroyuki and Mr. Takuya.)

(CEO Thuy Trang and  President Quy Nguyen meet Mrs. Naoko & Mr. Takuya)

In 2022, following the success of the skin care and beauty care products, CEO Thuy Trang made the decision to research Collagen Peptide Supplement. She visited and collaborated with Mr. Junichi to study this product.

(In 2022, CEO Nguyen Thuy Trang visited and collaborated with Mr. Junichi on Collagen Peptide Supplement products.)

After a period of research, she decided to include the Japanese equine placenta compound in the main ingredient list of Collagen Peptide Supplement. She personally tested the ingredients before putting the product on the market.

(CEO Nguyen Thuy Trang personally tried out the Japanese placenta compound.)

They work with each department and stage of production to create a new collagen product that is distinct in the market. This ensures the highest collagen content while keeping the vitamin C content unchanged. The formula is 100% natural, with a delicious flavor that is easy to drink. 

(Working with pharmacists in the Products Analysis room.)

(Working with pharmacists in the Quality Control room.)

CEO Nguyen Thuy Trang met with the head of the R & D department to discuss ways to optimize nutrients in order to achieve the highest benefit for customers.

(Meeting with the Head of Research & Development.)

CEO Thuy Trang and President Quy Nguyen visited Mr. Hiroyuki, CEO & Mr. Takuya at manufactory facility in Japan.

(Meeting with Mr. Hiroyuki, CEO & Mr. Takuya in 2022)

Meeting with Mr. Hiroyuki, CEO & Mr. Takuya at Cathy Corporation.jpg

(Meeting with Mr. Hiroyuki, CEO & Mr. Takuya in 2023)

After years of research, Richita Bihaku officially launched its Collagen Peptide Supplement on July 2023. This will be a "health & beauty" product that Richita Bihaku skincare product is offering to all clients now with more quality products to come.

Richita Bihaku Brand Products Description

The Richita Bihaku brand is made up of three distinct products that include Clinical Skin Care Solutions, Dietary Skin Care Supplements and our Collagen Peptide Supplement drink.

  • The Richita Bihaku brand of Clinical Skin Care Solution products are produced at our Japanese production location, which was established in 1952. Beginning in 1964, we became pioneers in the use of equine placenta to extract melanin content in the human skin. With headquarters in Osala-SHI-Joto-KU, our main office is in Ginza, Chou-ku, Tokyo. Richita Bihaku brand clinical skin care products are in full compliance with U.S. Food & Drug (FDA) regulations.

  • The Ritchita Bihaku brand of Clinical Skin Care Solution products is made with only natural ingredients. These ingredients are safe and highly effective in assisting the skin’s anti-aging ability, boosting collagen levels, lightening dark spots, and gently enhancing skin tones. Our natural ingredients include Japanese Equine Placenta Extract, Refined Vitamin C, Sakura Double Cherry Blossom, Perennial Chrysanthemum Flower, Muraskusibu Fruit Extract, Kiwi Extract, Yeast Extract, Lecithin Compound, plus Arbutin compounds incorporating blueberry leaves, Japanese Urushi and other natural herbs.

  • Using only natural ingredients, Richita Bihaku helps repair damaged skin surfaces and prolong skin hydration, creating a sense of cool freshness, resulting in a healthy and vibrant glow. Importantly, Richita Bihaku Clinical Skin Care Solutions are equally suitable for all skin types – both women and men.

  • The Richita Bihaku brand Beautiful Skin Dietary Supplement Product helps enhance skin cell regeneration, improving skin color tones and preventing/reducing bruises, spots, and freckles.  The Richita Bihaku brand Beautiful Skin Dietary Supplement slows the production of melanin pigment, making the skin smooth, plus encouraging cell regeneration to fade long-term melasma and brighten skin tones safely and effectively.​

  • The Richita Bihaku brand Collagen Peptide Supplement product helps offset fatigue and promote overall body health. Collagen Peptides also help reduce dark and age spots, rejuvenating and creating bright and beautiful skin. Collagen Peptides prolong youthful looking skin, prevent skin aging, and enhance skin elasticity. In addition, these Peptides increase the amount of collagen in the skin, leading to healthier skin. 


Address: 5950 Live Oak Pkwy, Suite 150, Norcross, Georgia 30093

​Phone Number: +1 714 914 4242

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Richita Bihaku - Japanese Skincare Brand || Introduction
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