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3D Highlighting CREAM

1.1oz (30g).  Made in Japan


Made in Japan, Richita Bihaku 3D Highlighting CREAM is a safe and effective skin brightening cream made from select Japanese equine placenta extract combined with two refined Vitamin C compounds to help strengthen skin's anti-aging ability & brighten skin areas including dark spots. Other natural ingredients Include many natural herbal extracts such as double cherry blossom Sakura, perennial chrysanthemum flower, Murasaki fruit extract, Kiwi and Lecithin compound.  Richita Bihaku 3D Highlighting CREAM helps fresh moisture last on the skin, creating a light, bright and cool skin feeling.


Richita Bihaku 3D Highlighting CREAM with all natural ingredients, including select Japanese equine placenta extract, is the safest and most advanced and effective skin brightening, anti-pigmentation treatment in Japan.


3D Highlighting CREAM has the following benefits:

  • Decrease dark spots, pigmentation spots and freckles on the skin.
  • Decreases anti-aging skin and helps lighten dark areas.
  • Nourishes stem cells in the skin, restores less firm skin.
  • Supports collagen creation overcoming skin dryness.
  • Inhibits melanin pigment in the skin, helps reduce skin pigmentation
  • Promotes the transformation of skin cells, fades long-term pigmentation, safely brightens and smooths the skin from the inside.


Richita Bihaku brand products are suitable for all skin types – women and men.

3D Highlighting CREAM

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Apply a small amount of Cream onto the cleansed skin after Clear Milk Lotion or Serum.


    Storage and Handling Notes:

         (1) Make sure to close the lid tightly

         (2) Keep out of reach of children

         (3) Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, or places exposed to direct sun.